Frivillig Forening, part of Muellners Foundation group in Denmark

Copenhagen, Denmark: Muellners Foundation, registered Open Constitution AI network’s first Fiscal Host Muellners Foundation(“Frivillig Forening”) in Copenhagen, Denmark. The voluntary association is registered as part of the Open Constitution AI network, for its members from European Economic Region and Nordic regions.

Muellners Foundation Frivillig Forening is registered in accordance with Danish Business & Commerce Authority on 14th Dec, 2019. The socio-economic association works on green and financial inclusion in low and middle income economies.

Muellners Foundation group focuses on green technology, digital financial inclusion & socio economic open research in emerging economies. The Foundation is responsible for maintaining the digital public services on the Open source AI network.

Muellners Frivillig Forening is registered in Copenhagen, Denmark this December, Foundation announced.

Muellners Foundation is founded on the idealogy of sustainable development and green inititatives. The foundation is working in rural development, social security, women empowerment and human rights.

Muellners Foundation is an international Trust for social finance that provides digital aid and social finance services to beneficiaries in low and middle income economies.